Hello, welcome, and thanks for reading. 

This project began in autumn 2011, when I decided to make the most of a horribly long commute out of London by writing 1,000 stories of 100 words, one to be posted online each day. Back then, I called this blog onehundredthousandwords.

I now work in London, and write less on buses and trains and more at desks and kitchen tables. The blog is now V for Vignette, but the aim is the same, although I’m no longer convinced I’ll stop at 100,000 words (but I’ll certainly slow down).

Please comment, follow, share or keep to yourself. Criticism encouraged. But if you could avoid stealing, I’d be much obliged.

Thank you very much.

And best wishes – Laura.

Follow me on Twitter, if you like, though I should probably warn you that I’m not very interesting.

17 thoughts on “About

  1. What a great idea and so elegantly executed! I love it.

    Funny how market researchers feel the need to go off & do something more creative or meaningful isn’t it? Happened to me a few years ago too…

    All the best,

  2. Laura, that is a great idea! I too have a long commute, which was super useful when I took on the NaNoWriMo challenge last November.

    You have some pretty cool short stories too, I’m browsing through them.

    • Thanks Sulthana! Wow, NaNoWriMo is a massive achievement. Don’t think I could manage that, it’s a big jump from 100 words a day. How did you find it?

  3. I’m a social researcher specialising in vulnerable and excluded adults but write about food a LOT as my outlet. I have a (much neglected) blog and contribute to two food magazines.

    Still absolutely loving blog by the way, your enigmatic stories often leave me musing for some time. Still think the 12 days of Christmas was utterly inspired – really brilliant.

    • A very belated response (sorry!). Your job sounds fascinating, but also very hard work – I have a great deal of admiration! Also, very interesting that you’re a food writer. At the risk of mixing business and work, do get in touch if you’d be interested in freelance feature writing – I’m always looking for good writers! It’s not exactly about fine dining, but grocery, which is at least somewhat food-related.

  4. Hi Laura! I’ve been a fan for a while – your short whimsies always delight. I’m putting together an anthology around the theme of honest motherhood, and I was wondering if you had an appropriate one we might steal? Give me a shout if you might be interested. Thank you! Kasia.

    • Hi Kasia. Absolutely, I’d love to take part. Thank you for asking! I’m sure I do have one or two suitable ones for you to choose from, but my indexing system is pretty rotten, so would you mind giving me a few days to dig around? And I shall get back to you with as many as I can find, you’re very welcome to use whichever you like. All best, Laura

  5. Oh, fantastic! Thank you so much.
    Perhaps shoot me an email at kasia_oz (at) hotmail (dot) com when you’ve had a chance to do some excavation.
    Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with. 🙂

    • Hi Sandra, lovely to hear from you! Sorry it’s taken me an age to reply – as you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting much recently (too busy with work). I’ve noticed (via the FB page) you doing a lot to help get MOFK out there, so thanks from me for that 🙂 I am afraid I haven’t been any help at all so far! Where are you in Surrey? I used to live in Guildford and my fiance’s from Haslemere so know the area relatively well. And I see also you’re a journalist – snap! Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Am following your blog so shall keep in touch x

  6. Hi Laura, yes thanks for the follow! I’m writing this from Spain at the moment, isn’t mobile technology wonderful? I was a journalist yes, but now write fiction full-time which I absolutely love. Please keep in touch. 🙂 SD

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